54.00 CHF

Printing temperature: 215 – 245°C
Can be printed without a heat mat (with: up to max. 50°C)
Specific density: 1.35gr./cc.
Tensile modulus: 6300mpa. (Young’s modulus)
Elongation at break: 3.2%
Impact resistance (Charpy method): 2kj./m².
Vicat softening temperature: 125°C
One of the stiffest materials on the market (6300 mpa)
A brand new nano composite technology for 3D printing
Non-abrasive and non-hygroscopic (does not absorb moisture from the air)
Prints like PLA, performs like premium polymers



The Ultra Diamond is available in 1 color. Samples of 50gr. will soon be available. Take your pick!

Ultra Diamond is Tiamet3D’s first revolutionary material, made possible by MCPP Netherlands. This is the first step in realizing our vision to create a wide range of ULTRA high performance nano composites. Ultra Diamond should not be printed with a bed temperature above 50˚C (this may cause warping).

Tips for use:
– Ultra Diamond should not be printed with a bed temperature above 50˚C (this tends to cause warping). Due to its low shrinkage tendency, Ultra Diamond can also be printed without a heat mat. Despite its low tendency to shrink, we recommend using a hook like EZ Stick (for all types of parts), an adhesive such as Blue Tape or PET (for small parts), glue (for large parts), or even both (Blue Tape or PET and glue). If you use glue, there is no need to put it on the entire surface of the part, but only on the contours or areas at risk of shrinkage.
– The Ultra Diamond can be used on all filament deposition 3D printers.

Storage tips:
– Our filaments are filmed, in a cardboard box (also filmed) without window to ensure the good conservation of the product until the moment of use.
– Store it in a cold and dry environment (15 – 25˚C), away from light (UV) and under vacuum (to stay dry). We recommend, after each use, to put it under vacuum by slipping a pouch of silica gel and in its box protected from UV. Proper storage greatly increases the shelf life of your filament.

Size Ø Tolerance Roundness
1.75mm. ±0.05mm. ≥ 95%

Physical properties:
Results on printed objects: Technical University of Delft and VTT Technical Research Center of Finland
Specific gravity: ISO 1183 – 1.35gr./cc.
MFI 210°C/2.16kg. : D1238 – 10gr./10min.
Performance Constraint: ISO 527 – 3.2%
Tensile modulus: ISO 527 – 6300mpa.
Thermal conductivity: 0.4 ± – 0.02
Elongation at break: ISO 527 – 3.2%
Tensile strength (max. load): ISO 527 – 43.5mpa.
Tensile strength after annealing: 65mpa.
Impact resistance – Charpy notched 23°C: ISO 179 – 2kj./m2.

Thermal properties:
Temp. of heat deviation 0.45Mpa. : ISO 75-2:2013 B – 107°C
Temp. softening temperature Vicat (annealed) 0.45mpa. : ISO 75-2:2013 B – 125°C
Temp. printing: DF – 230 ± 15°C
Temp. melting temperature: 190 to 220°C

Click on this link to get the technical sheet:

Click on this link to obtain the safety data sheet:

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Extrusion diameter

1.75 mm.


0.5 Kg., 50 gr.


Natural white


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