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Developed by DSM, manufactured by Dutch Filaments (MCPP)
Printing temperature: 220 – 245°C
Heating mat: 40 – 60°C
Specific density: 1.10gr./cc.
Traction module: 29mpa. (Young’s module)
Elongation at break: 350 – 390%
Flexible and flexible
100% recyclable, made with 50% bio-based raw materials
> 50% renewable content
Prints twice as fast as other TPCs
Combines easy and fast printing
High-performance features


The ARNITEL ID 2045 is available in 2 colours. Samples of 50gr. are available. Make your choice!

ARNITEL ID 2045 (developed by DSM, manufactured by Dutch Filaments) is a high performance thermoplastic copolyester (TPC) that offers you a unique combination of flexibility, high temperature resistance, strength and excellent processing characteristics. In sectors ranging from automotive to O&M, it is increasingly a lighter, smarter and greener (100% recyclable) alternative to conventional rubbers, reducing environmental impact and ultimately system costs. The product is supported by an experienced and skilled global team working continuously on new ideas and applications, as well as exploring new markets. By listening to your needs and understanding your processes and products, DSM/Dutch Filaments develop solutions that make a real difference.

You can print it at a speed of 20 – 50mm/s, with a layer height of 0.1 – 0.2mm. We recommend a filament flow rate of 100 – 150% for the first layer. It is advisable to add a 5mm brim to the printed object.

To obtain a homogeneous extrusion, the temperature must always be above 20°C. We recommend a printing temperature of 230°C. To obtain optimal mechanical properties, the extrusion temperature should be between 220 – 245°C. The warmer the temperature, the stronger the adhesion between the layers.

Automotive, aerospace, railway, motorsports such as lighting frames, tubes, windshield wipers
Flexible and electronic tools
Care/health such as splints
Sports and lifestyles such as shoe midsoles, mouth guards, shin guards, eyeglasses, headphones, smartwatches, jewelry

Tips for use:
– To avoid moisture condensation on the filaments, bring them to room temperature while keeping the package closed.
– The recommended temperature for the heating mat is 40 – 60°C. We recommend using a hook like the EZ Stick (for any type of parts), an adhesive such as Kapton (for small parts), glue (for large parts), or even both (Kapton and glue). If you use glue, no need to put it on the entire surface of the part, but only on the contours or areas at risk of retraction.
– Before removing the printed part from the printing surface, the temperature of the platen must be lowered to room temperature to avoid deformation of the part.
– The ARNITEL ID 2045 can be used on all Direct filament deposition 3D printers.

Storage tips:
– Our filaments are filmed, in a cardboard box without window, also filmed to ensure the good conservation of the product until the moment of use.
– To avoid moisture build-up, the packaging provided must be kept closed and in good condition. The packaging provided is airtight and moisture-proof. They are packaged at a humidity <level of 0.1w.%.
– Store it in a cold and dry environment (15 – 25˚C), away from light (UV) and under vacuum (to stay dry). We recommend that you, after each use, put it under vacuum by slipping a bag of silica gel in it and in its box protected from UV rays. Good storage significantly increases the shelf life of your filament.

Size Ø Round tolerance
1.75mm. ± 0.05mm. ≥ 95%

Physical properties:
Specific density: ISO 1183 – 1.10gr./cc.
Traction module (0° – 90°): ISO 527-1 – 29mpa.
Max tensile strength (0° – 90°): ISO 527-1/-2 – 8mpa.
Elongation at break (0° – 90°): ISO 527-/-2 – 350%
Traction module (45° – 45°): ISO 527-1/-2 – 29mpa.
Max tensile strength (45° – 45°): ISO 527-1/-2 – 7.6mpa.
Elongation at break (45° – 45°): ISO 527-1/-2 – 390%
Shore D hardness (3s.) : ISO 868 – 34
Moisture absorption: Sim. to ISO 62 – 0.04%

Thermal properties:
Temp. printing: – – 230 ± 15°C
Temp. melting (10°C/min.): ISO 11357-1/-3 – 158°C
Temp. glass transition (10°C/min.): ISO 11357-1/-2 – -35°C
Temp. Vicat softening (50°C/h 10N): ISO 306 – 90°C

Electrical properties:
Volume resistivity: IEC 60093 – >1E13ohm*m
Electrical resistance: IEC 60243-1 – 20kV/mm.

Click on this link to get the data sheet:

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Extrusion diameter

1.75 mm.


0.5 Kg., 50 gr.


Black – RAL 9017, Natural white

Availability Now available in-store at
route de Chancy 77 Petit-Lancy 1213

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