Photon S

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2 years warranty
2K LCD display (2560 x 1440)
Build Volume 115mm.(X)*65mm.(Y)*165mm.(Z)
High resolution
Low printing noise
High performance Z axis
Improved UV module
Air filtration system
2.8 inch color touch screen (easy to use interface)
Offline printing

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photon's new UINew user interface, easy to handle.

Quick-Slicing, brings more precision when leveling.

Printing off online, the Photon supports offline printing via an integrated operating system. This improves print stability.

Prints more quietly, the new design effectively reduces noise.

Z axis, double linear rail
< br />
Improves Z-axis stability, contributes to a smoother print surface and reconstructs more detail.

Air filter system
< br />
Double fans for ventilation and activated carbon air filter system effectively reduce odor leakage.

Improved UV module
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The use of matrix UV illumination and a high-resolution 2K display, along with even energy distribution, help improve accuracy.

Anycubic’s Photon S is a 3D printer equipped with UV (LED) screen LCD technology with 2K resolution (2560 x 1440px.) allowing you to make high quality prints (layer thickness up to 0.02mm.) and very detailed (with our recommendations or if you have a little experience) at an affordable price.

It works offline (by USB key), is equipped with a 2.8 inch color touch screen with a simple and easy to use interface, a double guide for the Z axis for more stability of the block of printing and a brushed aluminum printing plate for better grip.

Its low noise when printing, its air filtration system and its small size, make the Photon S a “go everywhere” printer, so you can use it wherever you want (at home, in the office, in the workshop, etc.) without inconveniencing your environment too much.

Technical specifications
● Printing technology: SLA 3D printer with LCD screen
● Light source: integrated UV light (405 nm wavelength)
● DPI XY: 47um (2560 x 1440)
● Y-axis resolution: 1.25 µm
● Layer resolution: 25~100um
● Printing speed: 20 mm/h
● Rated power: 50W
● Printer size: 230mm*200mm*400mm
● Print volume: 115mm (X) * 65mm (Y) * 165mm (Z) (4.52in * 2.56in * 6.1in)
● Printing material: 405 nm photoresist
● Connectivity: USB port
● Package weight: 9.5 kg

You can use any type of photoresist with a wavelength of 405nm. We recommend using Anycubic resins, which are very good resins in relation to quality/price.

This machine comes assembled. Feed it, set the print bed, fill your resin tank, insert a file to print, start printing and “HOP” go!

Contact us (click on this link) if you want more information !

Why LCD technology rather than another
We have selected LCD printers for their “ease” of changing their UV screens (simpler mechanism), unlike SLA (laser beam) or DLP (projector). LCD technology is also faster and cheaper for similar quality in relation to SLA.

Before each use, be sure to clean the resin tank and build bed.
Excess resin remaining in the tank after printing should not be reused or stored until filtered, residual cured resin may reside there and damage your FEP film< /a> or the UV LCD when adjusting the print bed or printing.
Keep resin out of reach of children and pets.
When handling resin, we recommend protecting yourself with gloves, a mask and goggles to avoid any accidents.
The “post-printing” cleaning (of the resin tank, the printing plate and the excess resin on the printed part) is done with
isopropyl alcohol and then rinse with water.

Comes with:
2 x extra FEP film, 1 x 500ml resin, 15 x resin funnel filters, 1 x resin tank, 1 x print bed, 1 x power supply (EU), 1 x USB flash drive (4GB ), 1 x user manual, 3 x pairs of gloves, 1 x protective mask, 1 x spatula, 1 x tool set, 5 x extra screws M3 x 5

Download the latest version of Photon cutting software here
Photon_WorkShop (.exe for Windows, .dmg for Mac)

Download V502 firmware for Photon S here
Photon S firmware V502

Presentation of the Photon S in video

Printer calibration video

Installation and use of the Photon cutting software in video

Launch your first impression on video

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 31 × 28 × 55 cm
Availability Now available in-store at
55 route de Chêne Genève 1208

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