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Developed by DSM, manufactured by Dutch Filaments (MCPP)
Printing temperature: 250 – 280°C
Heating mat: 100 – 120°C
Specific density: 1.12gr./cc.
Tensile modulus: 1710 – 2120mpa. (Young’s modulus)
Elongation at break: 7.2 – 15%
Pure Polyamide 6, originally developed many years ago by Engineering Plastics (DSM) experts for demanding specialist applications often subjected to extreme heat
The optimized crystallization profile makes it possible to obtain parts with excellent interlayer resistance and high surface quality.

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The NOVAMID ID 1070 is available in 1 color. Samples of 50gr. are available. Take your pick!

The NOVAMID ID 1070 (developed by DSM, manufactured by Dutch Filaments) is a high quality polyamide, which has been developed in the special product line in order to meet demands with a high level of requirement. It is based on PA6, obtaining strong and ductile parts with high print quality. Supported by a wide range of experienced experts, it has found its place in various applications and different fields.

When you enter the world of high performance polyamides, certain requirements and printing conditions must be observed (see application advice). The NOVAMID ID series are a range of high performance filaments for extreme strength and ductility. In order to achieve performance similar to a standard PA6 injection molding, the high rate of crystallinity (around 35%) has been maintained. As a result of this higher crystallinity, to achieve optimum printing at ultimate performance will require more rigor.

You will be able to print it at a speed of 50 – 100mm./s. (or up to the maximum throughput of your extruder), with a layer height of 0.1 – 0.2mm. We recommend having 100 – 150% filament flow for the first layer.

To obtain a homogeneous extrusion, the temperature must always be above 250°C. We recommend a printing temperature of 260°C. To obtain optimum mechanical properties, the extrusion temperature should be between 260 – 280°C. The warmer the temperature, the stronger the adhesion between the layers.

Tips for use:
– To avoid moisture condensation on the filaments, bring them to room temperature while keeping the packaging closed.
– If the filament has become wet, it must be dried. Using a hot air oven at 80°C for at least 4 hours
is recommended.
– A closed and heated printer or a closed environment (without drafts) with a stable temperature as well as a dry filament is recommended.
– The recommended temperature for the heating mat is 100 – 120°C. We recommend using a hook like EZ Stick (for all types of parts), an adhesive such as Kapton (for small parts), glue (for large parts), or even both (Kapton and glue). If you use glue, there is no need to put it on the entire surface of the part, but only on the contours or areas at risk of shrinkage.
– Before removing the printed part from the printing surface, the temperature of the bed must be lowered to room temperature to avoid part deformation.
– The NOVAMID ID 1070 can be used on all 3D printers with Bowden or Direct type filament deposition.

Storage tips:
– Our filaments are filmed, in a windowless cardboard box also filmed to ensure the good preservation of the product until the moment of use.
– In order to avoid the accumulation of humidity, the packaging supplied must be kept closed and in good condition. The packaging provided is airtight and moisture-proof. They are packaged at a humidity level of <0.05w.%.
– Store it in a cold and dry environment (15 – 25˚C), away from light (UV) and under vacuum (to stay dry). We recommend, after each use, to put it under vacuum by slipping a pouch of silica gel and in its box protected from UV. Proper storage greatly increases the shelf life of your filament.

Size Ø Tolerance Roundness
1.75mm. ±0.05mm. ≥ 95%

Physical properties:
Specific gravity: ISO 1183 – 1.12gr./cc.
Tensile modulus (0° – 90°): ISO 527-1 – 1710mpa.
tensile strength max. (0° – 90°): ISO 527-1/-2 – 45mpa.
Elongation at break (0° – 90°): ISO 527-/-2 – 7.2%
Tensile modulus (45° – 45°): ISO 527-1/-2 – 2120mpa.
tensile strength max. (45° – 45°): ISO 527-1/-2 – 50mpa.
Elongation at break (45° – 45°): ISO 527-1/-2 – 15%

Thermal properties:
Temp. printing temperature: – – 265 ± 15˚C
Temp. melting temperature (10°C/min.): ISO 11357-1/-3 – 220˚C

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Extrusion diameter

1.75 mm.


0.5 Kg., 50 gr.


Black – RAL 9017, White – RAL 9003

Availability Now available in-store at
55 route de Chêne Genève 1208

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