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Printing temperature: 225 – 245°C
Can be printed without heating mat (with: 35 – 60°C)
Specific density: 1.19gr./cc.
Traction module: 3800mpa. (Young’s module)
Impact resistance (Charpy method): 3.8kj./m².
Temp. Vicat softening: 80°C
PET-G reinforced with 20% carbon fiber
Extremely rigid
Very high resistance to shock and heat
No withdrawal
Dimensional stability
Matte surface
Abrasive (see advice for use)


The CARBON-P is available in 1 color. Samples of 50gr. are available. Make your choice!

CARBON-P is a robust filament based on PET-G reinforced with 20% carbon fibers. The result is a filament twice as rigid as PET-G with increased shock and heat resistance (HDT) at 80°C. This, combined with other features, such as a matte surface, no retraction, dimensional stability and easy to print, makes CARBON-P suitable for a very wide variety of applications in addition to RC parts, drones, automobiles, model making and others.

Directions for use:
– The recommended temperature for the heating mat is ± 35 – 60°C. Due to its low tendency to retract, the CARBON-P can also be printed without a heating mat. Despite its low tendency to retract, we recommend using a hook like The EZ Stick (for all types of parts), an adhesive such as Blue Tape or PET (for small parts), glue (for large parts), or even both (Blue Tape or PET and glue). If you use glue, no need to put it on the entire surface of the part, but only on the contours or areas at risk of retraction.
– CAUTION, please use a nozzle made of hardened steel, tungsten or ruby when printing with the CARBON-P. Carbon fibers are extremely abrasive and cause rapid wear of conventional brass nozzles.
– CARBON-P can be used on all filament deposition 3D printers.

Storage tips:
– Our filaments are filmed, in a cardboard box without window filmed also to ensure the good conservation of the product until the moment of use.
– Store it in a cold and dry environment (15 – 25 ° C), away from light (UV) and under vacuum (to stay dry). We recommend that, after each use, you vacuum it by slipping a silica gel pouch into it and in its box protected from UV. Good storage significantly increases the shelf life of your filament.

Size Ø Round tolerance
1.75mm. ± 0.05mm. ≥ 95%

Physical properties:
Specific density: ISO 1183 – 1.19gr./cc.
MFR 300°C/1.2kg. : ISO 1133 – N.A.
Tensile strength: ISO 527 – 52.5mpa.
Traction module: ISO 527 – 3800mpa.
Impact resistance Charpy method 23°C: ISO 179 – 3.8kj./m².

Thermal properties:
Temp. Printing: DF – 235 ± 10°C
Temp. Vicat softening: ISO 306 – 80°C

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Extrusion diameter

1.75 mm.


0.5 Kg., 50 gr.


Natural dark grey

Availability Now available in-store at
route de Chancy 77 Petit-Lancy 1213

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    Chris (verified owner)

    Very good quality, super strong, good price.
    Très bonne qualité, super solide, bon prix.

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