EZ-Stick Gecko Tek

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The tailor-made choice!
No more hanging problems
Easy part removal
Prevents retraction
Smooth finish, no rafting or brim needed!
Suitable for all filament deposition 3D printers
For hot or cold surface
Improved durability for 100+ impressions



No more adhesion problems to the printing plate!

3D prints give everyone the power to create something out of nothing. However, the first challenge every Maker encounters is finding a reliable and easy-to-use printing surface. So far, the most commonly used strategies are products such as glue, kapton, blue tape, hairspray. But this usually led to the piece peeling off or sticking too hard, making it difficult or impossible to remove. Using their knowledge of materials science, chemistry and engineering, Gecko Tek has developed the ideal print surface perfectly suited for 3D printing.

Made from a high temperature and resistant polymer film (more than 100 prints) that you can easily cut with scissors to adapt it to your printing surface. Clean and simple installation. The EZ-Stick surface can be stuck to any printing surface in seconds. The thick and resistant polymer film facilitates bubble-free application.

EZ-Stick Hot.
Designed for 3D printers with heating mat. When heated, it provides maximum adhesion. This surface has been designed to meet the needs of “Maker” who do not want to use tape or glue and get the most out of their 3D printing experience. It works with ABS, PLA, PETG, Nylon, hoses, and more.

EZ-Stick Cold.
Designed for 3D printers without a heating mat. Many people prefer unheated 3D printers for their safety and affordability. EZ-Stick Cold is the ideal printing surface for schools and libraries, for example. This is mainly for PLA, but also for some PETG and others.

Eliminate retraction.
We know how frustrating it is when corners lift, or parts come off. EZ-Stick’s advanced coating technology is designed to reliably prevent shrinkage. No need to “raft” or “squish” the first layer. Print even the toughest parts up to 8 inches long without shrinkage.

Remove parts easily.
EZ-Stick was designed so that even the most delicate parts come off easily. No more worrying about breaking parts during removal. We recommend using the clawless disassembly tool for the most difficult parts.

Lasts over 100 prints.
Even in the toughest conditions, the EZ-Stick will last over 100 impressions without losing adhesion. Exact life varies depending on materials, settings and 3D printer. Many customers get over 300 impressions on a single printing plate.

Improved resistance.
Even though EZ-Stick is made of a polymer sheet, it is still very strong. It easily resists light scratches from the nozzle and metal scrapers.

Maintenance and cleaning.
There is almost no maintenance required for EZ-Stick Gecko Tek. We recommend wiping the surface with isopropyl alcohol wipes every 5-10 prints.

Smooth finish.
Use the EZ-Stick printing surface to achieve a smooth, shiny surface every time. Works great for signs, phone cases, name tags and more.

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Weight 0.0001 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 0.3 cm
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    David Renard (verified owner)


    Impressive, so far out of 10 prints so an ABS X, 0 warp” with no border or raft.
    Little trick let the bed cool down and reassemble it at the same temperature as the print made, for easy take-off.

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