PLA (purefil)

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New: reusable/rechargeable coil (except phosphorescent yellow)
Made in Switzerland
Easy to print
Low water absorption
Soluble in many organic solvents
Heat resistance up to about 60°C
Low retraction
High UV resistance
Low flammability


Material: PLA
Diameter: 1.75 +/- 0.1 mm
Weight: 1kg
Nozzle temperature: 190-230°C
Printing table temperature: 50-70°C

The use of high quality raw materials creates a 3D printer filament that is particularly easy to process. Very low manufacturing tolerances are achieved through a state-of-the-art manufacturing process, which allows for convincing printing results with all FDM 3D printers. Each reel is sealed in a high quality bag.
– Made in Switzerland
– low diameter and rounding tolerances
– easy to print

Polyactide is a polymer composed, among other things, of lactic acid molecules.
We currently have 1.75mm PLA filament and 2.85mm PLA filament in our range.
A heated bed is advantageous for PLA filament, but not essential.
We recommend using an air cooler when processing PLA filament.
In addition, PLA is characterized by much more pleasant olfactory properties.
than other plastics during processing.
However, the temperature below which PLA begins to soften is relatively low.
Even at high temperatures in summer, PLA parts can become deformed!
As a raw material, PLA is basically organic under special conditions
degradable. However, the final product contains pigments and additives. Because of that
PLA parts should still be thrown in the trash and not in the garden.
This filament meets the compositional requirements of the European standard
Regulation No. 10/2011 on plastic materials intended for food contact.

– minimal shrinkage
– little delay
– Low water absorption
– Soluble in many organic solvents
– High UV resistance
– Low flammability
– Heat resistance up to about 60°C

PLA or polylactide filament is in principle biodegradable, which requires certain environmental conditions, which are usually only found in industrial composting plants. PLA does not normally decompose in nature. We therefore do not recommend composting PLA filament or PLA printed parts.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

1.75 mm.


0.75 Kg., 1.0 Kg.


Black, Phosphor Blue, phosphorescent yellow, Signal red Ral 3020, White

Availability Now available in-store at
route de Chancy 77 Petit-Lancy 1213

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