Brand: MCPP (DutchFilaments)

Our filaments come from mcpp (formerly DutchFilaments), the best European manufacturer from a quality/price point of view (see 3Dnatives comparison). They are filmed (except PVA-M which is vacuum), in a cardboard box without a filmed window to ensure the good conservation of the product until the time of use. All the necessary information is noted on the boxes and on the reels, you will always have the right parameters at your fingertips!

Filaments of 2.85mm. (PLA only, base colors) and 1.75mm. are available. Coils of 500gr. to 8.5kg. (depending on the material) as well as samples of 50gr. are at your disposal.

When selecting your filament, you will have to make variant choices (diameter, weight, color)! By selecting a variant, only the products available with that variant will appear in the other boxes.
Example: by choosing the 2.3 kg variant, you may only have black and white available in the color variant, but if you select “Choose an option” in the weight variant, you will have all the possibilities again in the other variants!

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