electric hot air gun

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The perfect finishing tool
Different applications
With ON/OFF switch
220V / 300W
EU plug
Working temperature of 200°C
Fast heating
Metal base
Simple and durable.

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High-precision electric hot air gun for creative madness. Its 300W power will allow you to heat various materials to make them more malleable and therefore easier to work with.

The ideal tool for finishing all your 3D printed parts. You will be able to reshape / refine the details of your print with the THIBRA3D SKULPT and it will allow you, on most filaments, to remove the white traces that may remain after taking off the supports, it will be enough to send hot air on these traces to see them fade away.

But it can also be used in many other applications such as embossing powder, heat shrink films/tubes, clay, rubber stamps, quick dry paint, glue, catalytic adhesive, etc. PVC shrink wrap, etc.

It has a metal base allowing it to be placed while it is in operation without the risk of burning what surrounds it. With its rapid heating, it reaches its working temperature (200°C) very quickly.

It is equipped with an ON/OFF switch and designed with a cooling grid on the back to reduce its internal temperature and thus prolong its life. It is made of stainless steel inside and ABS outside, simple and durable construction.

This tool is used on a mains socket and blows very hot air, so you will have to remember to take into account all the safety measures so as not to burn yourself.

Features :
With ON/OFF switch
To be used on a standard mains socket
Voltage: 220V
Power: 300W
Power Type: Alternating Current
Plug type: EU
Air outlet diameter: 12mm.
Working temperature: 200°C (constant temperature)
Material: Stainless steel + ABS
Colors: Black and orange
Dimensions: 225 x 47mm.
Cable length: 1m.
Weight: 330gr.

Use :
Plug the gun into an AC outlet and turn the switch ON.
Hold the gun firmly in your hand, taking care not to touch the hot nozzle (orange part).
Maintain a distance of 5 to 6cm. of the object you are heating.
Maintain a 45 degree working angle.
Always heat evenly, never extend a pass over the same area.
Do not use for more than 10 minutes to avoid overheating.

Safety tips :
Keep away from children.
Do not direct it at yourself or anyone else.
Always be careful when using a heat gun.
Remember to take into account all safety measures so as not to burn yourself.
Above all, do not touch the end once lit.
Do not heat your objects too closely.
Do not use near flammable area or on flammable materials.
Do not use the gun at a 90 degree angle to avoid heat absorption by the gun.
As soon as you feel the temperature of the gun is high, turn it off and wait for it to cool down before using it again.
Do not use for more than 10 minutes (overheating).
Leave to cool well before storing.


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