M8R2 (double extrusion)

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2-year warranty
Printing area 220 x 220 x 240mm.
Extruder with teflon (up to 250°C)
With heating mat (~120°C)
Double extrusion cyclops type
Dual Z axis (for + stability)
Bowden type (engine remote outside)
All-metal structure
With mechanical endstop (possibility to adapt a proximity detector)
Only one filament coil holder is supplied with

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The M8R2 is the evolution of the Anet A8 (prusa I3 style) with an all-metal structure (Anet A8 acrylic structure) and support brackets for both Z-axes for more axis stability. This 3D printer will allow you to make very good quality parts with our recommendations or if you have some experience!

The M8R2 is equipped with a double cyclops extrusion (two in one out, easily changed to double chimera extrusion two in two out) with Teflon inside (easily changed to Teflon free extrusion), allowing you to print at temperatures up to 250°C (Teflon deforms/melts at 250°C). The extruder is already mounted. It is also equipped with a metal printing bed with heating mat. These configurations will allow you to print virtually any type of filament.

The M8R2 is a bowden version (engine remote to the outside) for a lighter print head. Its X, Y and Z movements are independent on linear bearings, two axes (and motors) in Z for more stability of the plate and a maximum printing volume. theoretical 22 x 22 x 24cm. (X,Y,Z).

These printers are delivered as a kit, however they can also be delivered assembled, adjusted and tested if you wish!

Bowden type (motor remote to the outside) for a lighter print head
With mechanical endstop (possibility to adapt a proximity detector)
Double cyclops extrusion (easily changed to double chimera extrusion) with Teflon inside (easily changed to Teflon-free extrusion) allowing you to print up to 250°C.
For any type of filament not exceeding 250°C, 1.75mm.
Supplied with a 0.4mm copper nozzle.

Print tray:
Printing area of 220 x 220 x 240mm. metal
With heating mat up to about 120°C

Printer feature:
With dual Z-axis for added stability
Independent X, Y and Z axis displacement on linear bearing
Recommended print speed from 40 to 150mm./s.
Recommended layer resolution from 0.1 to 0.36mm.
Motor movement of the X and Y of 0.012mm. and the Z of 0.0025mm.
All-metal structure
Printer size of 460 x 420 x 420mm.
Printer weight of 7.6kg.

2004 LCD controller (with 12 languages available)
Motherboard ZONESTAR ZRIB V5.5
Connection by SD or USB card
Transformer (power / power) of 110 – 220V / 12V, 20A, 240W

Computer science:
Print File Format: STL, G-Code, OBJ
Control software: Repetier-host, Cura, Slic3r, etc…
Operating system: Windows, MAC, LINUX

Supplied with:
One 512MB SD card (with instructions inside), one red A4988 motor driver with additional heat sink, 2 x 25gr. of PLA filament (random colour), a filament spool holder, 45° bent cutters, adhesive and some assembly tools.

Flexible filaments can have problems with bowden type, our TPU98A (click on it for more info) is a flexible filament designed for bowden type. With Capricorn teflon (click on it for + info) with an inner diameter of 1.9mm. You will be able to print most flexible filaments.

Abrasive filaments such as Carbon-P, Metal etc., can wear out the nozzle very quickly, preferably change to a hardened steel nozzle (click on it for more info).

For a better adhesion to the printing plate, we suggest the EZ-Stick from Gecko Tek (click on it for more info). A tailor-made choice, easy to apply and for easy removal of parts!

The assembly manual can be downloaded through this link: M8R2 Installation Guide

Download Cura on this link:

The assembly is also explained in video (youtube):

The connection of the cables is also explained in video (youtube):

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Mounted, calibrated, ready to use, Self (as a kit)

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